Suppory Community Organization in Bukoba Tanzania

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Suppory Community Organization in Bukoba Tanzania

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionThis is a Non Government Organization (NGO) focused on engage and inspire both, children and the youth of Tanzania for change of a better future by safeguarding children rights , support youth empowerment, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and entrepreneurship.

    Our Projects:

    1. School Children’s Project

    We work with schools and community leaders to address child right issues that stem from cultural barriers and hinder child and youth development.
    Children are offered a variety of clubs that address agendas concerned with well being to allow them to express their views in order to gain skills, knowledge and confidence.

    2. Youth Project

    We aim to promote equality through economic growth, in order to provide young women with a sustainable income and avoid pressure of child-marriage, and in turn, child- pregnancy, as well as reduce school dropout rates.
    We provide support on:

    -Business and entrepreneurship

    -Permaculture farm

    *Livestock,its focuses on keeping milk goats, bird's for aim of create new source of income

    *Garden ,Economic Empowerment to the Low income among girls on Wards,Villages where we work, Girls are growing food and cash crops for the purpose of improving their economic status through selling the farm produces.

    We invite profession volunteer to help both through simple technology rirrigation, green house by using locally materials or vailable for the purpose of sustainability

    -Skills Development, We aiming to have an center where youth can learn for free in some skills and monitored

    -Gender and adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights

    -Equiped with leadership skills

    3. Children with diability project

    We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy well-being – physically, emotionally and mentally. We work with children of autism to ensure they receive the right to care and education.

    4. Street children project.

    Our aim is based on prevention to children, stop interred on the street as well as rescue set an last option alternative to save before they run into the cities, simply because Bukoba contributions to the street children in Tanzania.

    ~We provide first aid and psychology support to children and youth

    ~Also we are prepare both families and themselves for reunification and referral to the appropriate service

    Extra Activities:

    - Help schools to develop learning materials (library and classes).

    Learning materials in teaching are crucial to the success of student achievement. That is, the instructional components of lesson planning in teaching depend on the selection of teaching materials.

    - Painting school's wall or decorate pre -classes.

    -Water sanitation and health in schools (WASH)

    Access to WASH in particular safe water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene education can reduce illness and also affect poverty reduction

    Lack of sanitation contributes to diarrhoea.

    ~Educating communities about hand washing is effective at reducing disease.

    -Tourism/cultural development (Administration & management in tourism)

    - We are lack resource mobilizations skills to make efficiently in our operations, we needs your help.

    The blessed of Bukoba/Culture &Culture

    Bukoba is a beautiful town on Lake Victoria with cool weather and attractive places for tours such as Musila Island, Akiba game reserve, Kabwala beach, Catholic Cathedral.
    The game reserves under scrutiny are Biharamulo (13, 00 sq kms), Kimisi (1,026 sq kms) and Burigi Chato National Park is 2,200 sq kms. The wildlife available in there is the lions, leopards, elephants, hipptamus, giraffes, buffalos and antelopes among other. The Kagera region located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania where we are nearest with bounders of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, volunteers can get the opportunities visit places. Also we are easily reachable by bus from Kampala, or by flight or both bus and flight from Dar es Salaam and Mwanza.

    Please Volunteers: Note that, the early you confirmed to work with us, the early we served you. We are received alot of enquiries , plaese send or accept our offer when you meant on it!

    VISA Description

    When you are interested in joining us, the visa required for the project is Business Visa, not tourist /Visit Visa
    (This is a government regulation) which you can get at the airport. Sometimes we can provide an invitation letter when it’s inevitable. The visa is called Business Visa and costs 250$, it’s a three months visa.

    If they sensed there is a violation ,it will cost you extra money which could be very expensive as well as can cause a lot of disturbance not only embarrassment but also bad reputation . So to be on the safe side Business Visa is the best in volunteering with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask ,maybe there other information needed but not covered on the profile
  • LocationTanzania, Kagera Region

  • Work
  • Type of work Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
  • Hours per day We expect working are 3-5 hours per day
  • Work requirements: 1.We needs help to prepare fundraising project ( attracting donations, applying for grants to implement project). Work on:
    -Water sanitation and health ( WASH ) project

    -Entrepreneurship and business skills

    -Child protection and participation

    -Inclusive education

    -Youth voice

    Our works focus on field such as training, workshops ,meetings, monitoring, coaching, mentoring and only 30% are the office work.
    Would like volunteers to work with us from 1 week or longer, preferably one month and above. We provide office space ,internet ,information on visa processing, information on accomodation, and plenty of amazing experiences!
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 1 week ,prefer one month and above
  • Maximum number of helpers: 2
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:Swahili and English
  • Has pets? Currently we dont haven't any pets in our family /home
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: Volunteer will be able to stay in the same house with host family where everyone has a private room. Current we have two room for accomodation no sharing bed ,if you're couples and match why not!

    Normally we take care of the volunteers whenever they are in the home or office with a full 3 meal. Bukoba is rich with natural varieties including vegetables, fish, banana, eggs, potatoes, rice, and fruits like avocado, sweet banana, mangoes, pineapples, imported apples and many more. Volunteer /helper will be companied to the local market to buy food and prepare as they wish when they are working with us. We eat natural and delicious local food

    We kindly ask all volunteers to donate a small amount (USD). This will help support the host, to provide you with meals during your stay.

    We are not good financially we are getting help from friends who feel they deserve to help these vulnerable children, a friend like you. We provide a sharing kitchen, also the house have inside bath room and toilet.
  • Additional info
  • In their days off, volunteers can relax at the beach at Lake Victoria and explore Bukoba.
    We have a friend who is a guide that can recommend many interesting sights to see! There are cultural attractions and waterfalls among other things. There are also many boda boda (motorbike taxis) to help volunteers get around.

    There are many sights to see as well as experiencing Tanzania culture!

    There many ways to help children also you can surprise them with the gift/present (staff suitable to carry) they real need:

    Clothes, Toys, Games, used bicycles, computers, exercise books, painting colours for children to draw(eg crayons), Books, sewing machine (women), first aid kit, anything that you see will helpful the children will accept it thanks.

    We are committed to safety. Promoting safety of the children (and families) that we work with is the overwhelming priority of what we do. We respect and promote the principles of equality and diversity and we work with all children in a culturally sensitive way within the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

    We are zero tolerance on any form of violence to our works/project (emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other relates to abuse).

    Karibu Ndugu! Hakuna Matata!