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Afranie Shadrack



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  • Marker details
  • DescriptionKHAY'S Organization is a registered organization which comprises of
    1) Ecological Organization
    2) Charity organization
    3) Sports Team
    4) Musicians (Instrumentalists, Vocalist, Music directors etc)
    5) KHAY'S Tour Organization

    Khay Ecological Regenerative Organization: Khay's Ecological Organization is based on going green, that's to say we going back to our root where there was nothing like chemical. We practice 100% organic farming that is to say all our crops are 100% natural without any chemicals. We do practice mix cropping most often and some of the crops we mostly use during our mix cropping farming are Cassava, Tomatoes, Plantains, Vegetables, Fruits, onions, Yam, Gingers, sweet potatoes, maize and Many more. We do have two site for our Ecological work which makes it outstanding. Also it's our vision to help identify and develop skills for the improvement and betterment of agriculture production

    Charity Organization: This is a Nonprofit Organization which is community based. We are a group founded with the aim of alleviating the suffering among the communities and individuals from within and beyond and developing the society and also restoring lost hope to the less fortunate. Also with the aim of providing support for the less privilege (the disabled, needy but brilliant children, poor communities,
    the aged and many more), you stand the chance of having a great encounter with the aged of which you might leave here speaking some of our local dialects and also experiencing our culture and some festivals. In addition since technology is on the run we do educate people especially the less privilege on how to use technology in doing their research and assignments, since our country is no more using the Behaviorist theory of teaching. Join us today as we make a great impact and also put some smiles on the faces the less privilege and also have a great experience with us.

    Sports Team: Our Soccer team was born out of the golden belly of Mattlawie Ecological Regenerative Center a non profit organization. Our vision is to use sports as a platform where we can groom the young talented to become great and responsible people and players with a beautiful reputation in the future. Our team consist of both under 13 and under 15 young talented football players who are ready to learn. Our training section starts from Monday to Saturday. Our name is FC Mattlawie and when you call us FC Mattlawie our response is Kicking for green, meaning we aren't kicking to entertain ourselves but we kicking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and better our talents.

    Music: Music they say heals the soul, yes and it's of no doubt. Our music ministry consist of young talented Vocalist and Instrumentalists who are ready to compose songs, do covers, and many more. We normally do online rehearsal due to our location and lack of instruments, due to this reasons we are trying to get our own music studio for our rehearsal. Royal Virtue Ministry is our name and our motto is impacting life's through music.

    KHAY'S Tour Organization: Our location is blessed with greenish environment with different animals, water falls and mountains, of which some are known to the world and serving as tourist attraction, like the Afajato mountain, Tagbo fall, Wli water fall, mountain GEMI, Tafi Monkey sanctuary and many more. We do have different packages for which all include provision of food and drink at the end of our tour, we also do take care of the transportation.
    You can also join us as a volunteer or an intern. Also it's our vision to help identify and develop skills of the less privilege, provide health education, to improve and better agriculture production, empower the needy and many more. One good thing about KHAY'S Organization is, we are open minded, that's to say, we always try something new and also open to new ideas that's to say when our Volunteers or interns suggest something new we do consider their massage, after jaw jaw it and see it's good for our organization we then implement it.
    to help us before we implement it, but we make sure we don't deviate from our root. We also make sure we spice up our works each and everyday. There's a whole lot that goes in these various categories of which you wouldn't want to miss any of it, just join us to learn, help and better yourself.
    We are Looking for Individuals, Groups, Interns, Volunteers, Donors, Well-wishers, Organizations, Missionaries Charities and Foundations to help us initiate and/or improve local community development projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to collaborate and partner with us on any of our local community project(s) that suits you if you feel led/or interested.
    Once again you welcome to our loving home.
  • LocationGhana, Volta Region, Hohoe, Have Etoe

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Hours per day Due to some reasons we work within some hours that's, not less than an hour and not more than four (4) hours. Mostly we do work early in the morning and sometime in the afternoon once in a while.
  • Work requirements: Our helpers must at least be to express thier selves in English language
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: Not more than a 10 weeks
  • Maximum number of helpers: 20
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, Twi and Ewe
  • Has pets? No
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: We do have private rooms for accommodation
  • Additional info
  • We also offer services for Tour guide. we do arrange for our guest to have fun and reduce boredom. Some places are:

    - The wli Water Fall
    - Highest Mountain in Ghana
    - Monkey Sanctuary
    - Boat Ride on the Volta Lake
    - Museums
    - Hiking on The village on the mountain
    - Mole National Park
    - Kakum National Park
    - Historical places
    - Kente Village
    - Cultural Dance and Story Telling

    Our helpers can also help us by donating any of the listed below
    1) BOOKS(Exercise books, Notebooks, drawing books, Reading books, Graph book etc)
    2) Drawing materials (Pencil, Pen, Papers, colors, brushes, etc)
    Cloths (new or old)
    3) Sports equipment (Balls, Jersey, Boots etc)
    4) Cameras (used or new Photography camera, used or new video cameras) to help in making quality videos and taking better pictures of our projects
    5) Toys (Cars, some super heroes, motors house etc)
    6) Shoes (new or old)
    7) Used mobile phones
    8) Donation of musical instruments (used set of drums, Guitar, Violin, flute, drum pad, keyboard etc) to help and support our music department
    9) Used or new computers (laptops or desktops) for youth and children training
    10) Baby-Barbie or dolls
    Some farm tools

    NOTE: 1) If there is anything you love to bring and it’s not listed you can message me about it.
    2) Also most of these items would given out to the less privilege, the aged, Needy but brilliant students etc