Senior couple needs help around the house, greenhouse and mariculture business

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Senior couple needs help around the house, greenhouse and mariculture business

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  • DescriptionWinter 2019/2020. Out weather is much like Seattle just a little cooler. The farm operation slows in the winter months and I have plenty of work to do in our shop building new oyster trays and equipment for the oyster farm and shrimp pots/traps. We are hopping to build a new greenhouse #2 or at least get started on it this winter and our good friend Gary is building a house adjacent to ours and could use a little help from time to time. Gary is purchasing the equipment to do cedar tong and grove for the interior and we will dry the cedar then do the tong and grove process, should be a fun project
    I am 67 years old and Beverly is a couple years older then me. We live somewhat of a subsistence lifestyle however we live still have most of the comforts. I have one grown child and Beverly has 4 most of who enjoy leaving their homes in California to come visit and enjoy our lifestyle. We are a small oyster farm in Southeast Alaska in business since 2009. Our farm is 5 miles from the Naukati Bay marina by water and we have a house and green house on land. Beverly does not go to the farm with me much and needs some assistance around the house in the greenhouse and general house keeping. Beverly also delivers oysters to the airport up to twice a week and picks up supplies and can use help in driving to town (50 miles away) and packing boxes. Our guests are always welcome to come out to the farm with me and get involved in washing, counting and boxing oysters. So far our guests have enjoyed working with Beverly in the greenhouse, sportfishing, whale watching, kayaking and learning about our oyster/maricultural business. It has been as much a rewarding experience for us as for our guests. We have a very nice two bedroom cabin fully furnished, we also have a guest room in our house. Our guests are welcome to use our washer dryer anytime. We have TV, Internet WIFI. Other then the usual marine life viewing and sportfishing our guests have also explored the Karst caves at El Capetian and sightseeing on the island. Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska; we are some 80 miles west of Ketchikan, Alaska and located near the community of Naukati Bay which is 30 miles north of Craig, Alaska. Prince of Wales Island is the 3rd largest Island in the United States behind Kodiak Island and the Island of Hawaii. The climate in the Southern panhandle of Alaska is similar to Seattle just a few degrees cooler. See our web site at:
  • LocationUnited States, Alaska, Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, Craig

  • Work
  • Type of work Building
    Cooking / Shopping
    Help in the house
    Help with eco project
    Language practice
  • Hours per day We are usually up and going by 8am, our schedule varies dramatically depending on what we have planned. I usually go to the oyster farm 4-5 days a week and may work 12 hours, however our guests can work from 4-6 and then jump in a kayak and go kayaking.
  • Work requirements: We really just need a second hand, you might be helping Beverly around the house, greenhouse or yard and if you would like you can come to the oyster farm with me and clean and count oysters. I have some building projects planned for the farm this season and may be installing a solar system that will run refrigeration when the generators are off.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: three to four weeks, possibly more.
  • Maximum number of helpers: 2
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English
  • Has pets? We lost our Shi-Tzu in July this year of old age and may get another soon
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: We have a very nice two bedroom cabin with kitchen, living room, TV and internet access. Our guests are welcome to use our washer/dryer. You need to make yourself at home around our place, we love guests!!
  • Additional info
  • Our guests have enjoyed running our boats to and from the farm and learning basic boat handling and navigation. I have a US Coast Guard masters license and Beverly and I have traveled the Gulf of Alaska form guided sport fishing and wildlife photography trips to taking a large fish packer buying commercial fish from Washington State all the way to Nome Alaska. On the way to and from the farm we often see Bald Eagles, Sea Otters, Hump Back Whale, Orca Whale, Seals, Sea Lions, Deer, Bear an occasional Alexander Archipelago Wolf and more. Our guests help remind me and Beverly of what an incredible place we live. We try and go sport fishing, crabbing or shrimping at least once a week and our guests are always welcome to come along for the experience.Beverly and I are constantly on the go for our age and having guests that want to get involved, offer a helping hand and learn is what we truly enjoy.