Sagrema foundation in Mfangano Island In Lake Victoria Kenya

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Sagrema foundation in Mfangano Island In Lake Victoria Kenya

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionOur organization takes a multidisciplinary, grassroots approach to supporting the community of Mfangano Island, Kenya, through education, health-care, women and youth empowerment, environmental protection, and economic growth through organic farming. These intertwined initiatives can help the low-income community rise out of poverty. We donate school fees, uniforms, and books for vulnerable children, build school infrastructure, provide exam subsidies, develop Parent-Teacher Associations, offering sanitary towels and other personal effects for female scholars, and are trying to develop a school feeding program to help low-income families. We help develop accessible community health facilities to expand access to health coverage and help treat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Typhoid, and cancer. Women and Youth groups with revolving funds for micro-finance initiatives help establish small businesses, and these investments help members rise out of hunger and extreme poverty.
    Our environmental initiatives help prevent deforestation, develop sustainable waste-management, and educate the community on sustainability and organic agriculture. For economic empowerment, plans are underway to support groups with revolving funds for micro-finance initiatives for investment in farming tools, irrigation, and fishing gear. Recognizing the interconnected nature of these initiatives, we strengthen our community through a holistic approach to empowerment, yielding verifiable results of great impact.
  • LocationKenya, Homa Bay County

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Hours per day 3-5 hours either in the morning or evening for five days in aweek
  • Work requirements: We are Looking for Volunteers, Donors, Well-wishers who are ready to collaborate and partner with us in a working together spirit to help us improve lives of the less fortunate children, households and families in the Mfangano and Sister Islands communities by participating as tabulated under the listed projects categories: -

    • Fund-raising for the improvement of Primary Schools and High Schools Infrastructures and the Education of needy children plus the endangered Islands' girls child education.
    • Teaching any class from kindergarten to high school (people with relevant experience and training)

    • Fund-raising for Health-care facilities, food-staff, houses, and clothes donations, for the Aged and the disadvantaged and less privileged/less fortunate families and those who have been abandoned by society.
    • Help from health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) with running a local clinics and mobile clinics

    • Help us with manual work (digging, planting, weeding) and advice if you have relevant experience.
    • Fund-raising for farmers and fishermen gears (tools, water pumps, fences, pipes, nets, engines and boats) and poultry units.

    • Help with training farmers in agro-forestry, fruit tree production, reforestation, and vegetable production and encouraging all community members to help prevent soil erosion
    • Help with events, editing, translating books and manuals.
    • Help increase public awareness by talking with schools and other groups. Volunteers are also needed to encourage communities, churches, and civic groups to support tree planting projects,
    • Fund-raising for environmental issues

    • Fund-raising for women and youths empowerment issues;
    • Help with Financial literacy and entrepreneurship training,
    • Help us improve the Micro finance Initiative which Support the disadvantaged and less privileged/fortunate Households and families on the Islands.

    6. Help in organizing on-line fund-raisers and or approaching potential donors, organizations and funding opportunities for our community's support.

    7. Help with on-line marketing for our activities and identifying viable funding foundations/organizations

    8. Help with Successful grant proposal writing

    All kinds of support from individual Volunteers, group Volunteers, Organizations, and even well-wishers to either the Families or community are welcome.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: No Limit
  • Maximum number of helpers: 10
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, Swahili, Luo, and Suba
  • Has pets? Two Dogs and two Cats
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: •Volunteers will stay with host families from the local community, based in a tranquil, rural environment

    •Each volunteer will have their own bed, but may share a room if belongs to the same gender or if are couples, Different gender stay in different rooms.

    •Each bed should have a mosquito net

    Volunteers will be provided with 3 meals a day by the host family, or receive a pre packed carry lunch if the project is far from the host family residence. OR be bought if the Hotels are around.

    Food will be prepared by Host family as per the normal daily diet timetable and on the request of the visitor in case he/she is interested in a different meal,

    Any visitor who comes with his/her budget, all his/her meals will be prepared on his/her order and we will require a meals time table to be prepared in a collaboration of both the visitor and the cooks.

    We prefer preparing meals with the consent of all people living in the house/family and considering different interests of different house dwellers including Visitors.
  • Additional info

    Applications are invited from all corners of the world, we will appreciate your choice to work with us:

    1. Research & recommend funding options - Fund-raising
    There are various funding opportunities for nonprofits like USAID and we need help researching and understanding the options available to us ● (Skills: Fund-raising, Research & Analytics)

    2. Write funding grant proposals - Fund-raising
    We need experts in grant writing to help us prepare and write professional grant proposals to relevant funding agencies ● (Skills: Fund-raising, Content Writing – English)

    3. Review & amend a specific document - Content and Writing
    We have written a specific document (report, grant proposal etc.) and before submitting it we would love a native English speaker to proof read it.● (Skills: Content Writing – English)

    4. Create a fund-raising video for us - Fund-raising
    We would like to create a compelling video about our organization in general or a specific project for fund-raising purposes. We will provide the content but we need a video expert to put it all together and tell a great story ● (skills: Video Editing, Content Writing – English)

    5. Develop a responsive website - Web Work
    We currently don't have a website and we would really love someone to develop a responsive, Google-friendly site; this task would need to include all back and front end development and design, a Content Management System for our internal use, content upload (we will provide all the content - text, images and videos etc.), and delivery of source code upon completion.● (Skills: Web Development, CMS (e.g. WordPress), Website Builders e.g. WIX)

    6. Update our website - Web Work
    Occasionally we need to update certain areas or pages in our website (content, photos, news etc.) and we would love someone to help us with this here and there! ● (Skills: CMS (e.g. WordPress), Website Builders e.g. WIX)

    7. Fix technical issues in our website - Web Work
    Occasionally we have bugs or issues with our website and we would love someone to help us here and there when this happens! ● (Skills: Web Development)

    8. Write posts in English for our FB page - Social Media
    We are always looking for people who can help us promote our work on social media. Even just a few posts are a great start for us! ● (Skills: Social Media Marketing, Content Writing – English)

    9. Setup & optimize our Facebook page - Social Media
    We do not have a good Facebook page and would love someone to set up a compelling page for our nonprofit to showcase our mission and work ● (Skills: Social Media Marketing)

    10. Setup & optimize our Instagram page - Social Media
    We do not have a good Instagram page and would love someone to set up a compelling page for our nonprofit to showcase our mission and work ● (Skills: Social Media Marketing)

    11. Design a brochure/report layout - Design
    We often need to prepare reports or brochures for our donors and partners and we would love a great design template we can use as a basis for such purposes.● (Skills: Graphic Design)

    12. Design a Power Point template - Design
    We often need to present to our donors and partners and we would love to have a well-designed template we can use as a basis for our presentations.● (Skills: Graphic Design)

    13. Design our logo - Design
    We would like to design a compelling logo that would convey the mission of our organization
    ● (Skills: Graphic Design)

    14. We are Looking for someone ready to support and formally prepare Women and Youths micro-finance initiatives groups - (table banking, merry go round, financial and book keeping literacy, business administration and management)

    15. We are in need of support and improvement of the status of our organic and perm-culture farmers( fishermen, poultry keepers, animals keepers, crop growers)

    16. Help us get supportive and development conscious personnel for our environmental initiatives and Ecological projects

    17. Teachers of both academic and co curriculum (Teaching academic subjects in class and sports activities).

    18. There is a high need to get well-wishers help in supporting the disadvantaged and the less fortunate in the community ( widows, widowers, the aged and those disowned by the society).

    19. Help in Improving computer literacy to community members and or children

    20. You can also Just come, without any relevant skill to tour, relax and enjoy weather, breeze & climate around the Islands in Lake Victoria and learn the residents way of living you are welcome.

    We are Looking for Volunteers, who are ready to collaborate and partner with us in a working together spirit to help us improve lives of the less fortunate children, households and families in the Mfangano and Sister Islands communities by participating as tabulated under the listed projects categories: -