Rocale DIY intentional community and agroforestry project

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Rocale DIY intentional community and agroforestry project

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  • DescriptionHallooooooo :)

    [Because of winter, seasonal weather, rain and light conditions, we are only accepting part time helpers, read on to find out what that means =)

    Novembre, Décembre, January and February tentative activities:

    -clearing/making paths, mulching and clearing around fruit trees (present and new plantings this winter)
    -planting fruit and other beneficial trees as part of an agroforestry project.
    -gathering and chopping firewood (every Friday =)
    -Making, clearing, garden beds (maybe)
    - finishing DIY greenhouse
    -making signs for fruit trees, orchards and gardens (rainy days)
    -harvesting/drying wild plants + chestnuts!!!
    -house improvements


    We aim to build a laboratory for an ecological, feminist and harmonious village that is at the same time an international, resilient, welcoming and intentional community. A mouthful of adjectives right there =)

    We started the project as a collective and after two years we separated. One part of the collective chose to leave the land and now we are trying to learn from our mistakes and brainstorm different forms of collective living that are more suited to the land, to those who remain, who have joined us since and who wish to become permanent residents.

    The activities we offer range from permaculture gardening, green building, forestry management, farm and land maintenance, water collection and management and many DIY projects (we would like to have solar showers, grey-water filtration, hobbit-houses, etc...). If you have experience in any of these last domaines please say so =)

    Please contact us closer to the date of your arrival to see what projects we are working on at that time.
    As much as possible, we will try and match your skills and desires to tasks that need to be done

    -We ask for 25 hours of help per week + participation with collective meals.
    -We have meetings at least once a week (probably on Mondays at 2pm) where we talk about weekly tasks, times, how everyone is feeling and work groups.

    We try to structure our weekly projects and working hours during this meeting in order for everyone to be able to feel organized and so that everyone can find a place here.

    After a week we check-in + discuss a longer stay.

    Physical Description:
    We are located on a South-facing mountain with two rivers within a ten/twenty five minute walk from the main house. We have a spring on the land that provides water from November to July/August after that we rely mainly on rain water
    The forest is everywhere. This a perfect place for people to be surrounded by nature and the ability to hike around and forage for hours without seeing a soul.
    At the same time we are only a 5 minute drive from Vabre (where there are buses to Castres 4-5 times a day - except on Sundays!).

    In the guest dormitory. Bring your sleeping bag but we also have blankets.
    There is also loads of tent space.
    Maybe semi-private space in the main house depending on how many people are staying.
    Possibly a private space inside (good for couples or families) depending on if it’s being used.

    Breakfast prepared individually.
    Lunch and Dinner taken together (unless stated otherwise).
    We try and eat organic, locale (from the farm or region), or dumpster-dived, 95% of the things we buy are organic and/or bought in bulk.
    The meals are primarily vegetarian but if there is a vegan amongst us there will always be a vegan option).

    Sometimes we are full on helpers (or it is during the less active winter months) and so we have other options for staying with us.
    We love having a lot of people around and having the accompanying social and cultural richness of the exchange. However, we are limited by our budget (and lack of income) and so we would like to offer people to stay here as part time helpers.
    What this looks like is participation in half-days (only helping with collective activities in the mornings Mon-Fri) and a financial participation of 15-20 euros a week depending on the season (summer/winter).

    There are normally between 5-9 people on the land. Often more.
    We are also looking for more medium/long-term residents!

    Also, when you contact us we will ask to do a video conference with you =)

    Hope to see speak to ya soon!
  • LocationFrance, Occitanie, Tarn, Roquecourbe

  • Work
  • Type of work Building
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with eco project
  • Hours per day If part time maximum 3
    If full time 5
    More info in above description ;)
  • Work requirements: All the info is in the description.
    But yeah a video conference is necessary before we accept you here :)
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: Normally more than three or four weeks
  • Maximum number of helpers: 5
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:French English German Spanish Russian
  • Has pets? Cats, chickens, sometimes dogs
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: Dormitory and tent spaces
  • Additional info
  • Last bus to Vabre is at 17:10 but not on Sundays. If you need us to come and pick you up in Castres then please help us pay for gas 8-10 euros :)