Peace and Harmony Living Community Valsanesti, Arges, Romania

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Gabriel Cirstea



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Peace and Harmony Living Community Valsanesti, Arges, Romania

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionThe space and freedom to be, inspiring people and activities, care for global transformation, and the opportunity to contribute. Pure natural environment, pristine nature, clean biological creative food, permaculture, wild raw high energy food, natural building and ecological solutions.

    We are a sustainable living community, natural life and natural building information and education center .. favoring communal lifestyle.. centered around natural / holistic healing of body and mind, oneness with nature; humans, animals and plants, based on understanding we are part of nature and as such must be treated with respect

    a sharing space for creativity and flow .. innovations and new sustainable technologies and ideas..

    Profile update:
    Looking at the profile of potential visitors .. all wonderful beautiful people with such noble and gracious commitments .. we would like to add to our profile that we favor visitors for at least two weeks commitments or longer stays for the summer time, Children are welcome .. it's so nice for kids to play at our place .. and be part of this natural life ..

    Back to basic experience life style ..

    Natural food, wild plants, mushrooms, forest food (among other normal things of course , good food :)
    River 3 min walk, many places to relax and have a good time ..
    Lot of knowledge about plants, wild food, raw food, energy food
    Natural health and healing
    Music , music making and dance with camp fires we love the camp fire .. :)
    Building with natural materials .
    Permaculture gardening and food forest ..
  • LocationRomania, Județul Argeș, Comuna Mușătești, Vâlsănești

  • Work
  • Type of work The help we expect from our visitors is not specific .. if we are here .. we all do things that need to be done and have a good time doing it .. for example .. if we work at some repair and maintenance project .. a few extra hands can be used in carrying a bucket of water where needed.. when we are gardening of making grass for animals .. we work together turning the grass around to dry .. is all relaxed and fun .. we do what we can .. in the summer there are always activities like making wood for the winter .. so if you enjoy a workout you may split the wood or help bring it where it's needed there are no specific tasks to be done ..
  • Hours per day 4-5
  • Work requirements: contribution 3 euro per day, since we are not yet fully sustainable we can not sustain the costs when more people are here, when we are here we all share a bit in the costs of resources like electricity, gas and food which we have to buy
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 14days min
  • Maximum number of helpers: 4
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:english, dutch, romanian, german
  • Has pets? cat
  • Smokes at home? Yes
  • Accommodation: tent outdoor
  • Additional info
  • No additional info provided