Organic Self Sustainable Family Farm Near Cradle Mountain, Australia

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Organic Self Sustainable Family Farm Near Cradle Mountain, Australia

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionHi we are Wouter and Elyse,

    We are currently looking for help with the kids and/ or help on the farm or looking for builders

    Current farm chores: preparing for new crops, preparing new fence lines, inoculating mushroom spawn into logs and onto straw grow bags.

    Wouter is a CSA organic vegetable farmer coming from Belgium and Elyse is vet from Tasmania.
    We have two young children (3 and 2). We are looking for some help around the place and obviously we like good company.

    We have a block of land on which we have recently started an organic certified farm, with the focus on vegetables, production has just started.

    As we have moved in this place not so long ago, there is a fair bit of work in setting up.

    Elyse grew up around this place and has together with her parents a small herd of milking goats for home dairy use and blackberry control. Living self sustainable has always been a major part of daily life.

    Wouter had a successful CSA vegetable farm in Belgium feeding more then 600 people for 10 months a year and had quite a few volunteers usually. Now we decided to live here in Tasmania and build up a new farm.

    Lorinna is a pretty amazing part of Tasmania, it lies at the very top of the Forth river, just out the Lake St Clair- Cradle Mountain National Park at Lake Cethana,
    We have a lot of wildlife, beautiful forests, a beautiful lake for swimming and offering great vistas, nice views over the mountains and Cradle Mountain.
    We live at about an hour drive from Sheffield, 2 hours from Launceston
    Picking up can obviously be arranged.

    We live off grid, using solar panels for electricity and hot water
    firewood from our block for cooking, heating and hot water.
    delicious water from a creek.
    composting toilet

    We have an established orchard and a vegetable garden we grow some mushrooms.
    At times we make a bit of cheese from the goat milk and do a few different ferments ( like saurkraut, beer, wine,..) preserve our food in all sorts of ways, ...

    Also other bits and pieces get started on the farm;
    Ongoing up farm scale compost making.
    Taking some trees down for clearing some fence lines,
    Preparing trees for milling into building timber,
    Mowing for clearing and compost use.
    Building some sheds and fences

    Building some rock walls.

    Our vegetable farm covers about 2000m (half an acre) of greenhouse growing, about 4 ha( 10 acres) of outside production. We have our own seedling nursery using soil-blocks, we also sell seedlings.
    We work quite intensively, focus on direct sales.
    We have Tassie's only single farm CSA, are inspired by people like Jean Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Great Belgian and Dutch farmers, Colin Seis, Darren Doherety, Bill Mollison& David Holmgren, Elaine Inglam, Allan Savory, ... (it goes on a while)
    We aim to be regenerative and things like permaculture, biodynamics, biological, common sense, the regrarian platform,... are part of our toolbox we use for our farming.

    We are keen on having helpers that are very interested in what we do and our way of life out in the sticks.
  • LocationAustralia, Tasmania, Kentish Council, Lorinna

  • Work
  • Type of work There's a wide range of chores that need to be done, we're very happy to suit chores to your liking where possible, we really like having a good atmosphere where everybody is pleased about all conditions.

    A few suggestions:
    Our place could really do with some mural paintings to cheer some walls up, or some sculptures along the driveway to create a more funky place to be.

    We have two little kids and often only one parent to look after both, some help with the kids and around the house would be lovely.

    We use a fair amount of machinery in the farming, mechanically minded people keen on machines, car mechanics, welding and so forth are very welcome.

    We have a few renovation projects we would like to get started on using natural building materials for e.g.
    our toilet walls and our deck walls needs rendering with cob (clay-sand- straw mixture)
    Over summer we would like to build a cob pizza oven.

    We have quite a few shelves that need building, in the house, under the house, in the sheds,... We've got timber ready to go, a lot of it from local milling, we've got the power tools needed for the jobs,... just a passionate and keen person needed.

    And of course there are lots of random jobs around the place, plenty of things to keep you more then busy.

    Work may include:
    Babysitting / child care
    Cooking / shopping
    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Art project
  • Hours per day 5 hours per day 6 days per week.
  • Work requirements: Be willing to learn and do the tasks at hand.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: We can decide this together.
  • Maximum number of helpers: 2
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English
  • Has pets? We have pets.
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: A yurd (very large Mongolian tent), for bed room, this is a shared bedroom when we have multiple people staying.
    The yurd has electricity for basic needs and has a woodheater for colder times (nice and cosy with the heater going though).
    A large canvas tent for the summer months.

    Basic house work jobs like cooking and doing the dishes or lighting the kitchen fire and sweeping the floor are part of the daily tasks that get shared amongst the hosts and guests, on top of the daily work.

    we are vegetarian
    Nearly 100% of the food we eat is from certified organic source, we highly value good quality of food and highly value people who value this too and share the interest.

    There is an internet connection or wifi which can be used in the house( a bit slow though)

    We have one very kind dog who lives outside and one cat who lives in and outside

    We live remotely meaning, going to town is a full day affair, is mostly quite busy getting everything done and doesn't necessary happen every week, we often have other people pick up supplies for us.

    Living off grid also requires some different attitudes towards, electricity use, hot water use, toilet use (emptying a toilet bucket or weeing under a tree for both sexes for e.g.) heating (lighting a fire, carrying wood in for e.g.)
    These differences may be found challenging for certain people.
  • Additional info
  • As Lorinna is a place of great natural beauty, the place is great for doing short self guided walks.
    We like to look for like minded people who are into off-grid, sustainable and alternative living and building

    There are a few strawbale and clay light straw buildings in Lorinna.
    An organic food co op, open twice a week with Saturdays the time to meet people and buy organic coffee.
    In summer pizza nights.
    Movie nights and different events.
    An interesting community that helps each other in many different ways
    Lorinna is very much an alternative building, energy and living hub;
    Lots of people who have come here went back often very inspired to start similar projects elsewhere or even here in Lorinna!
    There a lot of children in Lorinna (about 20 for the moment), all home educated