Walter Morara Aencha (Executive Director & Founder at The Octopus Organization NGO in Kenya, East Africa)

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Walter Morara Aencha (Executive Director & Founder at The Octopus Organization NGO in Kenya, East Africa)

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionHi, my name is Walter Morara Aencha. I'm the Executive Director and Founder at the only Octopus Organization NGO building our communities deep in the hearts of Kenyans. We are duly registered and operate alongside the communities and intiating development projects to eradicate poverty and care for less fortunate children, widows, widowers, the aged, households and families. We are located in Kisii Counnty of Kenya and are herein looking for volunteers, friends, well-wishers, donor organisations and foundations to work with us. We also deal with awareness creation to children and youths on their challenges and environment. We are focused on engaging and inspiring both children and the adolescents to change. At our learning center, volunteers will have a chance to teach various subjects like English,Maths,counting.Sports and songs and help to determine and stimulate the kids talents and instruct them accordingly with love and care. We also do farming practices on our land, love farming and always practice different kinds of activities in our farms to build agricultural systems and cropping, love teaching young people who are afraid of farming and cultivating the land. We therefore need so much help in terms of ideas, energy and minds to enhance good harvest. Looking for volunteers to help us improve our health facility to reduce untimely deaths in our community and curtail cases of orphans, widows and widowers. We also support poultry farms and animal orphanages and already have goats orphanage and a poultry farm. Normally feed them in their cages at our organization. We request volunteers and donors to help us expand these projects: poultry farming, dairy farming, rabbits rearing and bee keeping, Construction of a community primary school, construction of a community church, construction of a community secondary school, construction of a bible school, purchase of 20 acres of land for our organizational projects, Toyota Land cruiser vehicle for field work, Toyota double cabin for carrying luggage, 60 seaters bus for taking volunteers to tours, two 14 seaters Nissan vehicles for volunteers trips, farm tractor for agricultural projects, maize shelling tractor, combine harvester, desk top computers, laptops, digital camera, video camera, multi touch 2-in-1 speakers, mega phones, printers, scanners, photocopiers machine, entertainment music system, grass cutting machine (mower), tents, desk jet printers, plastic chairs, office high back leather chairs, office executive tables, boardroom long tables, office paper cutters, office stapling machines, office giant stapling machines, water borehole drilling machines, manual water pumps, water taps, office projectors and projector screens, smart phones, hand cameras, phone tablets, poultry Chic's, rabbits, dairy cattle, construction bricks, sand, iron sheets, ballasts, rough stones, wires size 8, 10, 12, 16,32 gauge respectively,water bottling machine, wheelbarrows, powerful church speakers, drum beats, music keyboards, guitars, mixers, dynamic microphone with stand and kit, nicon digital camera with lenses and stand, and microphones.
  • LocationKenya, Kisii County

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Hours per day The helper can work in between 5 to 8 hours per day from between 8am to 5pm.
  • Work requirements: Work requirements:
    As a helper you are expected to get involved into family projects as well as community projects like:
    1. Gardening that is digging, weeding, pruning and harvesting depending on the season you arrive
    2. Computer literacy in case you have knowhow
    3. Fundraising for the needy children, our farming gears, women and youth's empowerment.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 7 days to 2 years
  • Maximum number of helpers: 20
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English and Swahili
  • Has pets? No
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: What we Provide : Food & accommodation. Accommodation Guesthouse or nearby hotel. Octopus Organization arranges accommodation for volunteers in a guest house or nearby hotel.
    The guest house is used exclusively by volunteers so you will always have companionship with other volunteers that have similar interests and experiences in mind. But for couples/ Family we have special Furnished houses for you as well.
    The houses are equipped with all modern amenities and full kitchen facilities. The houses also have a large lounge where volunteers share their experience and meals, the houses can get rather lively over weekends as volunteers return from tours and projects to relax over the weekends, social events are often arranged which include volley ball , Swimming, learning how to share Kenyan Food with our volunteers, Nature walk with our local volunteers, Kisii City tour, church events, and eating together, or playing Soccer/football if we are many.
    Volunteers are also given an option to stay with host family. The host family accommodations are located in local communities. Volunteers staying in host families work in projects located mostly within walking distance from their accommodations. By staying with a host family you will be able to know more about the Kenya way of life of the local people, their culture and living. Meals
    Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan, Accommodate Dietary Restrictions
    Kenyan food has many influences, including Indian and African flavors. Expect to eat, Several Vegetables, Fruits, rice, pasta, chapati (flatbread), Ugali (corn flour) and dough reminiscent of mashed potato as staples in your evening meal. These tend to be served with beans, meat, cabbage, and delicious gravy. As a rule, Kenyan food is tasty and flavorsome but not spicy. Some meals will be more familiar – spaghetti bolognese is quite common – but don’t be afraid to try the unfamiliar too.

    Breakfast tends to be based around toast, coffee, tea, and eggs. Mandazi, sweet fried bread akin to doughnuts, are popular with volunteers and make a good breakfast or snack. More traditional breakfasts, such as arrowroot (similar to sweet potato – try it with mar mite), may also be served.
  • Additional info
  • 1. We provide training together with Women and Youths on making beautifully unique products, mainly from natural fiber and recycled material hand spun and hand woven textiles, jewelries and baskets in natural texture, softness and color. representing all tribes in Kenya. This services included in the daily program fee. Also volunteer will be involved in community outreach to rural marginalized community to have fun together and feel the natural taste of Kenya and people Living with Hope (HIV/AIDS).
    2. Once in every month we clean various urban cities, rivers and plant trees to keep our environment clean & healthier
    3. Evenings & Weekends we train youths and Women on various sports including Swimming, Arts, Soccer and Basketball
    4. Our volunteers will learn how to cook different types of Kenyan foods
    and engage in games at their free time.
    5. Once we collect enough funds, Every year we Construction one Community School, Hospital, Water bore holes, Elderly House in Marginalized Rural Areas with our volunteers.
    6. We have English, Spanish, French, Germany and computer classes for Youths and women thought by our volunteers
    7. We appreciates those volunteers who fund raises in their country before their arrival to Support and Donate towards our programs to reach out more beneficiaries. It really boosts us a lot because the demand/Need is beyond our resources , we needy more hands and resources .
    8. Medical Volunteers spend good time in our clinics as Medical assistant, Health and hygiene assistant & Dental assistant saving lives as well as gaining more skills, they are always happy
    9. Some volunteers visits many groups , Universities , High School wit our local Volunteers as life Couch Speakers for prosperity and motivational speakers
    10. We take our volunteers to different tourist attraction centers like national parks to enjoy. We do the following projects for Kenyan communities : building of both primary and secondary schools, building churches, building of bridges, we building homes for HIV/AIDS pandemics patients, building of homes for aged citizens, drilling of water boreholes, building of bible schools, doing waste management projects,bore holes to provide safe and clean water, river clean ups, town clean ups, planting of trees and sensitizing the public on the importance of environmental conservation, sensitizing the public on service delivery to persons living with disabilities, building of septic tanks, building of rehabilitation centers, bee keeping,rabbits rearing, poultry keeping, dairy farming, doing large scale farming on tea, coffee, wheat, maize, beans, avocados, pineapples, construction of fish ponds, making of bricks, basketry,carving industry, soft stones industry, sensitizing the public on gender based violence, establishing disability centres, establishing autistic centers, nurturing youths talents, sporting activities, providing seeds and fertilizers to poor farmers and educating them on modern methods of farming, exhibiting innovation innovation projects on Kenyan agricultural shows on enhancing technology in food security and sustenance, micro financing youths and women groups projects in a move to empower them economically, facilitating sporting activities, establishing of vocational training like tailoring, basketry, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, weaving for youths and women.
    More about us: Our philosophy is to train our communities on how to engage in farming and various economic activities to enable them become self reliant and economically stable. This is aimed at ending hunger and eradication of poverty in Africa as it promotes sustainable development and permanent human transformation. We also inspire action for improvement of national parks and green space through community advocacy, volunteering and small capital improvement to parks, farmlands, forests, rivers and streams to transform Kenya by collaborating with a broad range of constituents community groups, other non profits, real estate developers, and city leaders, Octopus Organization's efforts show a tangible difference in both the aesthetics and usability of green space throughout the community. The community we serve ultimately reap the various benefits such as clean and green environment, poverty eradication, youths and women empowerment and marginalised rural areas. Thank you for visiting my profile and please feel free to ask any question. Good day and God bless you as you purpose to volunteer with us.