Come we work together on this beautiful island

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Come we work together on this beautiful island

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionWe are a local family in Mfangano Island,Kenya and we are happy to share our home with the world. We welcome solo travelers, couples, families, groups and students from anywhere in the world to come to our door, to stay with us, and dine with us; our hospitality is truly unique.To experience real cultural exchange and much more, come to Mfangano Island and be our guest.We offer out door self interacting enthusiastic environment offering a unique place to stay based on a simple way of living,in close interaction with nature giving full possibility to disconnect from technological distractions and high tempo city lifestyle. We are located somewhere not so far and not so close depending with where you are.Due north,a beautiful mountain range covered by green vegetation that supports African monkeys and several species of birds, down is the world’s second largest fresh water Lake (victoria)offering best fishing, swimming, and water sporting opportunities. In the east, a observable rising sun is daily observed to its sunset due west in the evening (12hours) as it disappear in the massive water horizon, as the very visible stars and the great moon takes over. Cultural reserves are intact including sacred grounds (ancestral ritual grounds) and ancient rock painting.Eco-diversity stands our pride, and these surrounds our home and farm.

    We welcome volunteers to come and help us in our organic farm. Because we are also working on construction volunteers who have the skills are welcomed. We are also working in supporting widows around the Island and offering financial support to orphans and needy children in our region. COME and ENJOY working with WIDOWS and ORPHANS with us. There is also a literacy Library for both old and young generation. We enjoy spending time with the kids and old people to teach them how to read and write. You can be among the few who might have chance to teach the grandma’s how to read and write as they also teach you our local languages and Swahili.

    Computer Literacy program is not left behind we also teach the kids basic computer skills to help them during their study and research so that they may fit in the technological world.Currently am also learning how to code. Any volunteer who have the experience and skills to help teach me go through the curriculum is really welcomed.

    This is the only place to be,Come to this Fun,Loving and Magical Environment and share the best experiences together.

    Welcome!! Welcome all!! Welcome anytime!!
  • LocationKenya, Homa Bay County, Sena Centre

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
    Art project
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Language practice
  • Hours per day You as a well wisher, donor, volunteer it is you choice to choose which kind of work you are comfortable with. Time expected to work a day is 1-3 hours but you are free to add your working hours if interested.
  • Work requirements: As a helper you are expected to get involved into family projects as well as community projects like:
    1. Gardening that is digging, weeding, pruning and harvesting depending on the season you arrive
    2. Computer literacy in case you have knowhow
    3. Fundraising for the needy children, our farming gears, women and youth's empowerment
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: As much as you can
  • Maximum number of helpers: 20
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, kiswahili
  • Has pets? Yes there are pets
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: There are rooms for volunteers in each room there are beds, pillows, free space for your lagage and air conditioners
  • Additional info
  • I'm Gabriel Lennox a young man residing in Mfangano Island in the middle of lake Victoria in kenya I'm an organic and pertmacultre agricultural lover I rare animals and grow various annual crops for food my family banks all it's hopes on agriculture being an Island we are surrounded with water and hence most of the times we use lake water for irrigation we welcome all interested volunteers from all over the world to join in our small . I garden.


    1. Involvement in gardening activities

    2. Taking care of animals (cattle and goats)

    3. Poultry farming .activities

    4. Charity work both in the family and in the community

    5. House chores


    Guests will get full boarding facilities and stay with host families from the local community, based in a tranquil, rural environment

    Each guest will have their own bed, but may share a room if belongs to the same gender or if are couples, Different gender stay in different rooms.

    Each of the clean and well spread beds, should have a mosquito net.


    Volunteers will share meals with host families where they will be served with three meals a day that is breakfast, lunch and supper. Breakfast will be served before the day’s work starts at 8am or not later than 9am with tea, local snacks and fruits. Lunch and supper will be served on time too with a variety of local dishes.

    Guests will be provided with 3 meals of interest or on request a day by the host family, or receive a pre packed carry lunch if the project is far from the host family residence or be bought if the Hotels are around.

    Food will be prepared by the Hosting family as per the normal daily diet timetable and on the request of the visitor in case he/she is interested in a different meal,

    Any guest who comes with his/her budget, all his/her meals will be prepared on his/her order/directives and we will require a meals time table to be prepared in a collaboration of both the guests and the cooks.

    We prefer preparing meals with the consent of all the people living in the house/family and considering different interests of different house dwellers including guests.

    We serve; Chapati, Mandazi, Tea, farm foods like potatoes, beans, green grams, cassava, maize, bananas, Local vegetables. We also serve beef, Milk, Chicken, several species of fish found in Lake Victoria, Irish potatoes, spaghetti, indomie, chips, sossi, Rice, budgie, Ugali and porridge, and any other food staff palatable to Guests at their orders/requests.


    During your stay, your linens will be washed twice a week on agreement, and your room will be swept and arranged regularly.

    We have a separate bathroom only for our guests' use, but those who like can do swimming in lake Victoria direct as we are only 200 metres from the lake shore.


    With our guests, we enjoy charting, exchanging cultures and sometimes partying or eating out.

    I hope all our guests will know more about our cultures and like our Islands the more as they will interact with the locals regularly..

    There is free WiFi throughout, that belongs to an NGO, just in a two minutes walking distance.

    Besides that we also have Modems and mobile Wi-Fi from Safaricom/Airtel rooters and/or a mobile Hotsport to rent out by the day on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also just Load it and use it freely.

    The best option is to buy and register using your passport a kenyan Safaricom line for your use during your stay in Kenya this will fully solve all your internet problems even when you want to use a computer.

    This enables you to get the internet connection everywhere, which solves the inconvenience most foreigners are likely to experience while in Kenya.

    There are shops in nearby shopping centres one within a two minute walking distance, another within 40 minutes walking distance opened everyday.

    We have Mfangano Island market days on Sundays every week at Sena and goods from different places are sold there.

    ATM machines are there in all banks in Mbita which is our sub county headquarters you can withdraw your money any time you are in need of.


    Monday to Friday for about 3 - 4 hours a day, starting at 9am to 12noon.

    There is no limit on staying periods at our family.


    Volunteers have a trust based total freedom of doing whatever they want and visiting all the places they would want to, they will visit our rich shrines and see for themselves some of the tools, utensils, vessels and Caves used by our great grandparents.

    1) Volunteers Working with us will relax and participate in any manual work at their own wish.

    they will acquire several educational opportunities including visit Local fishing industries, our local organic and perm-cultre farms and interact with Local fishermen and farmers for more information. They will learn practically everything they would want to learn during their stay.

    We have, guided and connected Volunteers with different types of organic farms owned by u