Help needed at nature reserve in the heart of Thailand

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Our Land Nature Reserve



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Help needed at nature reserve in the heart of Thailand

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionThe idea first came to two friends. Take privately owned land that was meant for commercial use, and return it to nature, while at the same time making it financially viable to do so, and support a team of people who live on site. Basically protecting nature, while yet ensuring financial sustainability. The result was the OurLand Nature Reserve, thailands first privately owned nature reserve, which was setup in late 2015. Currently a small 4 member team lives on site full time, along with volunteers who come stay for short periods.

    The reserve covers an area of about 25 acres and is the last wildlife corridoor in the lower half of the Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary (Kanchanaburi). Located next to an abandoned housing project, the area serves as a corridoor between the government owned wildlife sanctuary and a major river, that animals drink out of at night. Human Elephant Conflict in the area is one of the major issues that OurLand works with local villagers, as areas around the corridoor are full of sugarcane and tapioca farms and wild elephant commonly raid these plantations. We experiement primarily with promoting wild elephant tourism and changing mindset of farmers towards the elephants.

    OurLand also serves as a Snake Rescue and Education center, by helping local authorities deal with snakes which have wandered into villagers houses. Several species of snakes are kept in captivity for education for short periods of time, before release into the wild. There's also the occasional bird that locals find that is handed over to us. In addition to this, OurLand also works on Banteng Conservation, a critically endangered species of wild cattle in Thailand, of which only 70 of them are believed to exist in the wild. OurLand is primarily responsible for educating foreign tourists about the Banteng Conservation Project and shows how the project operates. Other projects include trying to setup a firefly conservation project, a forest garden and river fish conservation (we have more projects that we have the resources for)

    OurLand Headquarters is located in the heart of the OurLand reserve, and the focus here is to live in peace with the elephants, deer, wild boar and other mammals that come into the safe haven to forage for food. Besides all the nature conservation work, we are also working towards sustainability. We are working on converting Headquarters, to become more of an Eco-village. Currently headquarters is running off-grid with solar power, and rain water is harvested for use. Shelters are built by our small 5 member team who lives on site. We have a chicken coop(which has a long way to go) and are starting to work on cat-fish farming. Educating local staff about sustainability is another on-going project. New projects are constantly being setup by volunteers, and volunteers are an important part of the growth here.

    The Reserve at this point works primarily as an education centre for those interested in learning about nature and sustainability. The reserve finances itself by educational groups or toursits who visit to spend time or learn about nature.
  • LocationThailand, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi, Tambon Ban Tai

  • Work
  • Type of work When writing to us, do mention why you want to come to OurLand and what you feel you have to gain from such an experience.

    Life here runs at a different pace as in the 'modern world'. Sometimes we are with guests, sometimes we're out working with locals, sometimes tracking wild elephants, sometimes rescuing snakes or caring for them, sometimes building a new shelter, sometimes working on the forest garden and lots more. Work hours are not fixed, so dont expect a fixed schedule. We dont see this as work, this is our lifestyle, we want you to be a part of it. The idea is to inspire yourself to do what motivates you most that can help earth, have meaningful conversations with the team, inspire them and inspire yourself.

    We're not always about implementing new projects, and a lot of the times the best thing you can ask here is "How can I help?". Our short term volunteers(2 weeks) usually only have enough time to get used to everyday life here. Our longer term volunteers implement projects of their own. We're very open to learning new things from our volunteers, and consider this a key ingredient of our growth. We want you to get to know our teams, and hopefully get lucky enough to experience an animal in its natural environment.
  • Hours per day Please see "Type of work".
  • Work requirements: Love is an important part of the experience here. Love for nature, for the beings around us, and for earth itself. We have not quite perfected all the things we preach, so we expect you to bring with you a sense of understanding and willingness to teach and learn. We expect you to leave not only with a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature, but also yourself.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 1 week or more, please see more under
  • Maximum number of helpers: 6
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English Thai
  • Has pets? No information provided
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: In an eco-lodge.
  • Additional info
  • We prefer long term volunteers. But due to the high number of volunteers who have requested to stay only for 1 week we have opened up a "VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE" program which costs bt3,000. We prefer a minimum commitment of 14 days(21 days will be highly appreciated). Also some financial support towards food related expenses would be expected (bt4000 for 14 days). Income from Volunteers are also used to implement projects that further promote sustainability and nature conservation.

    - we do not have wifi on site. Please get a 3G/4G sim card for yourself if you plan to stay connected.
    - we are about 20 minutes away(by car) to the nearest town where we go a couple of times a week to get supplies

    1. From bangkok a bus or mini-van is available from Mochid or Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal to Kanchanaburi city
    2. Once in Kanchanaburi, you can take the Bus to Erawan and get off at the 3199 coffee shop. (Please make sure you call well in advance before starting your journey, as we need to arrange a pickup from the coffee shop). The other option is to take a taxi which will cost you about 500bt.
    3. We usually allow access here only by floating in. Besides being lots more fun, it also deters our guest from driving in, which means we don't need to setup a parking lot, and lesser cars means more animals. We usually prefer if our volunteers can join our guests when floating in, as it makes it easier.

    Please contact us on Facebook ( for a faster response