ONLY experienced volunteers (unpaid position) on reconstruction in Alsace, France (March - October) IINFO: NO PAID SALARY OR FLIGHT TICKETS, NO SMOKING & NO DRINKING

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Maida Maia Kiefer



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ONLY experienced volunteers (unpaid position) on reconstruction in Alsace, France (March - October) IINFO: NO PAID SALARY OR FLIGHT TICKETS, NO SMOKING & NO DRINKING

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  • DescriptionIINFO: this is volunteering position for bed & breakfast for travelers. NO PAID SALARY / FLIGHT TICKETS, NO SMOKING & NO DRINKING. The region is very expensive and I am host on 5 platforms. Rebuilding my wooden hut without income by reusing materials & very low budget I need all the help of people who have experience in any kind of building, construction, and maintenance of the house. Perfect helpers are experienced in this field as I don't have a lot of gardening / eco project / children care etc. Very APPRECIATED ARE ALL PROFESSIONALS or very experienced people like plumber, carpenter, mason, electrician but also mechanicians, practicing engineers, self-made building experts and other experienced or very handy people who have a good experience in building or rebuilding of houses, reparing vehicles, DIY kind of work or would like to help clean up the construction site (its very messy) and for example make good order in my tools and learn how to use all of them including the machines. Other work would be to help me to organize my flee market storage (very messed up due to reconstruction) and create a smart easy system for the transportation of the items in the future. I have also some work in the garden but very limited at the moment. You can ask any time if some work you are good at would be helpful. I have many tools that might be needed for our work. As I have a kind of physical disability (chronicle soft-tissue rheumatism accompanied with chronicle pains and fatigue) I cannot work and get enough income to pay people to do the work and try therefore to do the most with helpers. Have been rebuilding now for over 14 years because I can work only during the warmer seasons. I am a compulsive tool and repair-material collector. I shop over an internet platform for cheap materials which would be thrown away or taken down from buildings (being torn down or renovate) and I try to reuse it in my renovation instead to buy new, which would be too expensive for me. As I earn just a small salary from selling flea market items I hunt all kind of things that could be used even when not now I have now also a lot that may have to be thrown away. So you can imagine that there is a lot of different material that needs to be arranged. It got kinda messed up around as I was living in the house and decided to fully renovate. So during the renovation, the tools and furniture and all other things have been moved out and in the annexes buildings or in temporary storage. Mostly friends have helped quickly move the stuff and with the temporary displacement, it keeps being all over the place. Therefore help to reorganize this is a big task this spring and summer and as I am a physically ill I can not rearrange all alone. So right now is except all the construction work also organizing and making an order in the whole mess with construction materials, tools and around the whole area the main goal and preparation for further work. Minor gardening will be occurring in springtime. Required time: Please, no stays under two weeks as I have to clean and wash beddings for each helper and need to plan further. I would prefer you to help at least two or better (3) weeks but if you need shorter stay or you want to stay longer we can shorten/extend the time and we can talk about it and agree on a time that suits both parties the best. I prefer people who plan in advance and stick with the agreement. Guidance during work: I will be with you on the working days as much as possible until you feel comfortable to feel well on your own and I would in beginning leave you only occasionally alone if I have some duty tasks to run. I hope with the time you feel like home and can do the work on your own or with other helpers. If we do some work and you don't know how to do it I will be happy to show you and give you guidance but my place is not the right one for people who do not like to work and try to kill the time somehow. I think not knowing doesn't excuse not doing it the right way after clear guidance. The only thing you have to deal with might be my feedback, which would never be criticism but only help to understand, what you could change in order to be more efficient and have more joy getting better in what you do. Can't ignore as I am an educational professional and feel the obligation to give advises and alternatives when I believe it could be improved.ere a link to my educational website:

    But at the same time, I like to learn something from others as well. All over we shall have also a lot of social interactions and have good cooperation but also fun together. I can tell you more about all in a call before you come on WhatsApp or Skype. All questions you have we can talk in a call before you come on WhatsApp oo41763894840 or Skype maida.kiefer.66. Please feel free to contact me and ask whatever you feel a need to ask. Kindest regards. Maida
  • LocationFrance, Grand Est, Haut-Rhin, Saint-Louis

  • Work
  • Type of work Building
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
  • Hours per day 25 hours per week. Minimal stay two weeks, preferably three or more if we work well. Depending on your needs we can remodel an individual situation. On-demand or agreements 16, 20 or 25 hours week for accommodation or meals. With or without food.
  • Work requirements: Required is that you have ex├╝erience in constructional work, that you know to work independently and that you are being a diligent and motivated helper and quick learner or even better have a lot of experience in construction, reconstruction, repairing, handyman work or house maintenance skills.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: minimally two weeks and rather no maximal time as we should agree on this
  • Maximum number of helpers: 2
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, German, Swissgerman, French, Spanish,Italian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Has pets? No own pets, just neighbors cats and some wild birds.
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: The accommodation is a summer house, where you would stay is small and simple but the rooms are with comfortable beds for good sleep, with fireplace for cool days and some simple entertaining equipment (radio, DVDs but no tv and no internet - which you can have cheaply with a mobile network that I will recommend). I had so far maximally three people in same time here (a couple and a single) but in think one of the places, I think a number of two people is perfect (if it happened that a group travelling with each other would want to come over we can talk about). To feel comfortable I prefer a set of only two and have enough space as everything is small and the rest of the house is in construction. There is a shared room with two beds and a tiny room for a third person (possibly for another gender or for a couple. Just don't necessarily want it to be too crowded. The bigger room is serving as well as a living room if its rainy outside and is in same time bedroom (for two) and the small room for another single person (or couple because it has a double bed can be separated by a door but is really tiny... just the bed inside. The bathroom is very small but enough to keep you clean and do the most necessary toilette.

    For socializing right now is the one of them (which is a small living room (with hidden beds) and alternatively the outside area or we should be this year creating some space inside the house that is under construction.

    Occasionally if staying in Basel/Switzerland, I can offer a stay in a bedroom in the old city of Basel/Switzerland (when you are free and wanting to spend time in the city of Basel but for now in the city there is no bathroom but only toilette room with cold water and the free days are limited as the room is partly rented).

    FOOD PROVIDED: one meal per day, breakfast or lunch... cereals with UHT milk (not organic).

    As I don't have an income and can't provide more than healthy cereals for breakfast. All other you wish to have, you can buy label and store in a separate fridge for the volunteers. NO FURTHER FOOD OR DRINKS PROVIDED but cereals with UHT milk All you want except the cereals you can buy by yourself. I bring you to a shop for shopping for what you need once a week. As there is a bakery near the house you can buy yourself fresh bread every day. I share some meals that I cook for myself and eat or what I drink myself which is our clean tap water, good choice of teas and also coffee.
  • Additional info
  • I offer accommodation in an very expencive living area and breakfast for help. No other compensation. Please, no arrival on weekends ARRIVAL ONLY From Sunday evening to Wednsday. Total working time 25 hours. We can skip some hours and sometimes work less like 20 hours the week if no food is provided you work 15 hours the week if I see that you are diligent and working detailed and well. No smoking or excessive drinking. No troubles AND PLEASE BE DILIGENT AND DON'T TRY TO DO AS IF YOU WORK. I am a very strict person and don't need time wasters. Otherwise, apply rather at a hostel where you can have other people and fun. Wishing you good travel. Kind regards. Maida