Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionBe a part of our Angel Dream Team!

    There are miles of country roads in the mountains to walk or run, amazing views, and peace and quiet of the real countryside of Ecuador. Come and experience the magical Andes of Ecuador, with a friendly indigenous community all around us who you will meet as you walk the roads.

    Enjoy being with spiritually focused and like minded people in a heavenly paradise nestled in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador near Cuenca. We are all a real family and laughter and fun is all around us!

    You can also participate in transformational, life changing shamanic ceremony retreats, a rare and unique opportunity indeed. Watch the transformation that happens for all the participants too if you don't do the ceremonies yourself. Be a part of other people's healing.

    Ayahuasca ceremonies, San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremonies, & Sweat Lodge Ceremonies are offered in 12 day retreats.
  • LocationEcuador, Azuay

  • Work
  • Type of work Cooking / Shopping
    General maintenance
    Helping with tourists
  • Hours per day 32 hrs/week. Our centre has two speeds: 1) full throttle during the retreats, and 2) laid back and relaxed between retreats. Most of the work hours are done during retreats.
  • Work requirements: All ages are accepted, but it's good if you can carry things and not be worn out easily. It's not strenuous work, but you would be on your feet a lot.

    You will need to be ok with sleeping in a dorm, private rooms for volunteers are not available. Male and female dorms are separate.

    These volunteer positions are open specifically for people who are interested in shamanic medicines Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and volunteers are required to participated in one ceremony per retreat, so that we are sure we have people who are truly interested in the medicines.

    No marijuana or drinking alcohol allowed. This is strictly enforced.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 2 month commitment (3 retreats) for volunteer positions, 3 months maximum (4 retreats). We don't accept less than a 2 month commitment.
  • Maximum number of helpers: 15
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English
  • Has pets? No pets
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: "...for work exchange situations, this is LUXURY!! I did a lot of work exchange and this is by far the nicest housing situation I ever had!" TL - Georgia

    Housing is modern and comfortable, includes dorm bunk beds (male and female dorms separate) with comfortable, thick, new mattresses, 24 hr hot showers, hot tubs, wifi, movies in the community center, and plenty of books to choose from.

    The food is tasty vegetarian fare, no meat. Between retreats cook your own food in the community kitchen, and help yourself to the pantry. The place is yours! Sometimes volunteers go to tourist attractions between retreats and travel a little. You are free to do this too.
  • Additional info
  • The cost per retreat is $150 and 32 hours per week of work. This includes one ayahuasca or san pedro ceremony per retreat, housing, food, hot tubs, wifi and use of all facilities. This is a way people can be with the medicine who don't have a lot of money to spend on retreats. There are no other ayahuasca centers that we know of working with the medicines that offer this opportunity.

    We don't accept less than a 2 month commitment because:
    First, there is a lot to learn and once you learn it we would like to have your help for a couple more retreats. Second, we become family and deep connections are made. You will leave with new lifelong friends who mean a lot to you. This is a chance to really immerse yourself into something special and otherworldly. Gaia Sagrada is a little piece of heaven on Earth. You will consider yourself lucky to have been here!

    Shamanic ceremonies:
    There are Ayahuasca Ceremonies and San Pedro Ceremonies you can participate in during retreats.

    This includes NO marijuana.

    If you need to drink alcohol, smoke pot, or do any drugs on a regular basis, including pharmaceuticals, we can tell you right now it's not going to work out. Please do not apply. You will be asked to leave without notice, no second chances. THIS IS NOT A PARTY ZONE!

    Drugs and alcohol create disharmony for our shamanic work and bring in energies that don't mix well with the energy of the sacred medicines. It is important our ceremonies and spiritual work have no interference and everyone is fully functional. There are always 1 or 2 participants who come to work on their addictions in each retreat, so that energy simply cannot be here in order to be of service to them.

    If you are ready to be clean and self disciplined for 2-3 months, for the time you are working with us on the Angel Dream Team at Gaia Sagrada, then feel free to apply. It might do you some good to be free of drugs and alcohol for 2-3 months anyway. Try it! You might like it!

    Between retreats, if you want a little beer or wine, that's fine, but no more than that. Please honor this rule. No drunkenness or drug stupors will be tolerated, even between retreats. This is important, transformational work that changes lives for the better. We need to keep the space clean.

    How to apply:
    To read our volunteer info page,

    Please fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM at to apply. We would love to meet you!


    We pick staff from those who come in a volunteer work exchange position first, as we would like to see how you work, get along with others, and get to know you a little bit. If you are interested in being staff, we offer a $150 per month stipend and staff works 40 hours per week, but it's easy work! Let us know when you get here that you're interested and we'll see how it goes! Staff positions entail cooking, grounds, managing the volunteers, and just being a general go-to person!


    Get ready to have an experience of a lifetime! The opportunity to be at Gaia Sagrada on our Angel Dream Team is a true gift indeed! You will see people grow and transform their lives.

    This is more than just a job, it is a chance to be part of something really special. This is a life changing crossroad in people's lives, a profound spiritual experience for you and them, and you will have a chance to be of service with your heart to the lovely people who come here to heal.

    Being a kind heart, a listening ear, and a helping hand to people on their spiritual path. There is nothing more fulfilling than this!